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Intimate Weddings

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Let Your Love Shine With A Wedding Designed For All Loving Couples

Intimate Indoor or Outdoor 2-hour Elopement Packages Start At $875+
Have you ever just wished that getting married could be as simple as showing up and saying “I Do”? Well, you can!


A few details and preferences need to be addressed first, but we can help you through that.
We are happy to help you make this day extra special with referrals at no extra charge.
We want for you to enjoy all of our wonderful spaces as our gardens grow.

An Illinois marriage license must be completed 48 hours before the ceremony.

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Getting started

We will guide you to wonderful local event planners, photographers, larger reception venus, caterers, and event services. Or we can create a wonderful simple ceremony and reception for you to enjoy without stress. We will work with your planner or DIY options with 1 hour allotted for setup. Need more time? It’s $75 for every hour extra plus assistant fee if needed. Give me a budget and I can help guide you to a dream wedding to match.

Event Size

Small cocktail receptions are most appropriate. Offsite reception areas are available at several local venues.

All weddings are limited to a maximum of 60 guests.

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Packages include up to 6 guests and an overnight stay in one of our lovely rooms. For an easy and elegant no fuss wedding, we will provide a sweet wedding bouquet of real flowers or broaches, candles, wedding backdrop, arch, or arbor, champagne toast, hors-d’oeuvres & a stylish mini wedding cake.

Your efficient will have separate fees.

Rent The Inn

A whole house private wedding starts at $1,400 with an additional $1295/ night after the first day.

This ensures privacy for you and your loved ones during your stay. Use of all 4 guest rooms included for up to 8 people.

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We live in a quiet neighborhood and wish to keep the music soft and romantic. No loud bands or DJ’s. Softly amplified music and musicians welcome between 11 am and 9 pm Please call for details, additional packages, tours and pricing options.


Offsite parking is required for events over 25 guests with a limit of 6 cars parked in the front and the side of our home and 5 in the driveway. Shuttle service or carpooling is recommended. Parking will be assigned and marked accordingly.
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