Easy Rules

Get comfortable and have fun!  Everyone is welcome here. No discrimination! We follow a common-sense approach to house rules. Respect the space and others for the enjoyment of all. This is a fun relaxed space and we hate to have to be policing anyone. Rules have to be set, so here we go...

Clean Air Policy

No smoking anywhere inside our gates. Use the corner away from all neighbors’ homes if you must. Dispose of butts in can provided by the trash. $25/ pick up charge for each seen thrown on the ground. No using any vape products in the home or by entrances. $50-$300 fees will be charged if necessary. 


We all want to have a good time. Be courteous to the home, neighbors, and other guests. No late night noises. Keep the music and TV down to reasonable level.  Clean up any accidental messes and notify a family member right away. The house is lovely and we want to keep it that way.

Your Enjoyment

All guests are welcome to come and go as they please with your own room and house keys once you've checked in. You are welcome to invite over a few friends or family members to enjoy the common areas with. Just ask first to be sure it won't interfere with other guests. Any gathering of more than 4 guests will require an event charge of $75/hr.+ and booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Call for booking options.

  Special Needs

         If you or a family member has any special needs, please let us know so we can ensure you have the best experience possible.            All guest rooms are on the second floor.  Climbing stairs are required. A step stool is available for the beds and multi-level shower heads are in the bathrooms with walk-in showers. If you need any other devices to ensure a comfortable stay, please let us know so that we can provide you with what you need as best we can.


The house is not suitable for children under 16 in most cases. Use your best judgment when requesting special considerations. If there are no other guests, we will make exceptions. The home is not childproof and has many sets of stairs. Whole house rental allows more freedom with age ranges. Limit 2 people per room and beds by law.

Pets Are Family

 Unfortunately, we can't accommodate all furry family members. We have 3 large dogs that never go into the guest portions of the home.

 Registered service dogs are welcome with advanced notice and based on our largest rooms availability. Proof of registration & vaccinations needed in advance. Crates and pads for them are needed. Other dogs may be considered if you are getting the whole house rental. Pets can not be left alone in the rooms or house for any reason. Leashes must be used when outside. There are local pet sitters and kennels if needed. Make arrangements prior to your arrival. Limits for size, and the number of dogs per room. Fees start at $150 deposit and $50+ cleaning fee for each dog based on breed and size. We don't breed discriminate.  No aggression of any kind will be tolerated whether 5lbs of fluff or 75lbs of muscle! 100% Housebroken! If your dog even piddles when excited, don't bring him or her here.